Drew some Sailor Moon girls tonight.



Drew some Sailor Moon girls tonight.


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Ellen Page <3

To those commenting wondering ‘why everyone is making a big deal out of this’ or that it’s promotional. Please get your head out of your ass. I understand where some of you are coming from, you think it shouldn’t be a big deal and you’re correct, but sadly there are still so many ignorant and intolerant hateful people out there that the LGBT community still has to deal with and even worse be afraid of. So it is a big deal when someone comes out and can be honest and let go the burden they may feel of keeping a secret. The whole point of these movements is so one day people who are gay can come out without fear or judgement and be accepted for who they are, and right now that is not a reality no matter what you may think. As for those thinking this is for publicity. Do you see the raw emotion she put into this? How personal it is for her? And if you aren’t familiar with Ellen Page then you don’t know that she tries to spend the majority out of the tabloids. Also how in any way is this just a promotional thing? Ellen Page doesn’t need this to promote herself she was badass before and is still badass, if anything the whole “Hollywood industry” wouldn’t want her to come out as gay because there are still so many bigoted intolerant jerks that they would probably think it would hurt ticket sales, and by the comments alone here they wouldn’t be far off from that line of thinking. Either way what Ellen has done was brave and if she affected even just one person positively and made them more comfortable with being who they are and not want to harm themselves then she has done a lot more in making a change than most people. That is what matters. So thank you Ellen Page for being awesome.

And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise. (x)

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Every time Paul Rudd appears on Conan, when he’s asked to show a clip for whatever movie he’s promoting, he shows the same clip, and it’s never the movie he’s promoting. Iconic.

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